The Gathering of the Saints – Resumes

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It is with great joy we are noticing to you all royalties that church meetings resumes as from next week Sunday, the 7th June 2020. The meetings will never be in the same matter we used to conduct them, but we are going to observe all the regulations put in place by the Government. And we are encouraging all royalties to comply as we fully rest our FAITH in God.

The Government is only allowing a maximum of 50 people together at a time in a worship service. As Royal Family, we are going to comply to that, and at the same time reinforcing the habit of sanitising our hands and social distancing.

This regulations are due to COVID-19 Pandemic that has overwhelmed the nations. As the church, as much as we observe the regulations, let us eliminate fear and live by faith as a means of overcoming the pandemic by the power of God. Be sober and be courageous! Jesus overcame and this pandemic is one of the names Jesus overcame too.

We are going to continue praying in faith for Namibia, Africa and the rest of the nations. It is in times like this when the church should come in with a prophetic voice, calling those things which are not as though they were. Remember, Ezekiel 37: 1, how God took Ezekiel in a valley of dry bones – symbolising hopelessness, dryness, death, pestilences (covid-19), fear but yet God said, ‘PROPHESY.’

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