We value creativity; therefore, we shall be flexible to new ideas and strategies that promote the kingdom of God, in the confines of scriptural truths.

We value relationship; therefore we place great importance on building lasting relationships both in the church and the world.

We value integrity; therefore we will seek to be above reproach with the people both inside and outside the church.

We value involvement; therefore we will encourage and provide opportunity for all members to be involved in church’s ministry based on giftedness, interest, and availability and in the community as an expression of our Christian citizenship.

We value growth; therefore we will resource opportunities for all members to grow in faith, knowledge and character.

We value excellence; therefore we shall strive at been the best and embrace an attitude of excelling in all our endeavors.

We value prosperity and success; therefore we shall endeavor to teach and preach the Word of God for the transformation of people’s minds according to 3 John 2.

We value church growth and church planting; therefore we shall encourage and motivate members to see the church as a growing and multiplying institution of God.

We value evangelism and missions; therefore we shall encourage everyone’s involvement in evangelism and missions within and without our city.

We value holy living; therefore it’s our priority in our church to live holy unto the Lord. Holiness is a foundation for our Christian walk with our Holy God. We shall propagate and emphasize holy living in our ministry.

We value tithing and giving of offerings; therefore every adherent is admonished to tithe on every income and the giving of offerings as the Lord blesses, 2 Corinthians 8: 9

We value commitment to the Lord and a local church; Hebrews 10: 25, tells us to remain committed to the fellowship of believers.

We value obedience to the Lord and to the leadership of the church; therefore all the adherents are expected to obey the Word of God and leadership based on God’s principles, 1 Samuel 15.

We value faith; therefore every adherent is expected to live by faith according to Habakkuk 2: 4.

We value people; therefore everyone is treated with optimum respect regardless of one’s status quo, gender, color, tribe, race, nationality or language. All men are equal in God’s sight and as the church; we are adopting God’s standards regarding man. All peoples are welcome to fellowship with us, Galatians 3; 28.

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