Avoiding Divorce

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The first place to start with when avoiding divorce is to discern whom to marry. Marrying a wrong person may in itself be stressful and may lead to divorce.

Discernment simply means the ability to judge well. It is also the ability to understand the subject at hand before making a permanent decision.

Many have made mistakes when it came to choosing whom they should marry. All they did was to marry the person they presumably fell in love with. Love alone is not enough to avoid the dread of divorce later in life.

There are certain qualities one should consider as one decides to marry someone.

Here are a few things one can consider:

  1. The person must be born again. 2 Corinthians 6: 1. Birds of the same feathers flock together. When it comes to choosing a life a partner, choose someone whose faith is like yours. Rarely do other religions marry someone from a different religion. But Christians do and has brought so much pain in relationships.
  2. The person must be serving in a local church. Romans 7: 6. Relationships thrive on servanthood. The first place to prove our servanthood is the service we render in the house of God. Servanthood speaks a lot about the person’s character. Humility drives people to serve, while pride drives them to stand aloof.
  3. The person must exemplify maturity. Luke 2: 52. Maturity is in three areas – a. Spiritual maturity b. Physical and environment care c. Good public relations with people – emotional Intelligence.
  4. The person must be visionary. Proverbs 29: 18. One should be able to articulate and define one’s vision and purpose. Marriage is about purpose, not just having a good time. It’s about fulfilling a God-given purpose for both of you.
  5. The person must be a giver. Ephesians 5: 22 – 29. Marriage is about trading our roles with each other. Giving which has been given to you. A wife has been given submission, while a husband has been given love. Give and share according to the measure of what has been given.
  6. The person’s family is important too! How the person relates to his/her relatives will most likely relate in like manner with you. Find out about the person’s family.

By Pastor Felix Mulamata

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