You are not a VICTIM, but a VICTOR

You are not a VICTIM, but a VICTOR

Life brings to us the unexpected, especially when we are most vulnerable. The most vulnerable being is a baby in the mother’s womb. It’s all life depends on the decisions of its parents, especially the mother. Most of the rejection problem begin at the mother’s realization of the conception.

Jabez in 1 Chronicles 4: 9, 10, had a similar experience of reliving of his mother’s tragedy. The pain the mother experienced was passed on to him until he could not any longer. His former life was filled with pain and sorrow, not because he wanted but because he was victimized. A day came when he called upon God and the Lord transitioned his life from been a victim to been a victor.

In Isaiah 53: 3, Jesus is identified with sorrow and pain, just like Jabez. However, Jesus never succumbed to victimization but overcome. He passed on a victor’s crown to us, who were once victims. listen on…


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