Pastor Felix shares some insights on “Expectation”.
The conference is going to impact more to those that will be expectant.

Here are some of the nuggets to ponder:
1. We must recognize that what we need is the Giver and not the gift.
Our attitude must change. People should encounter God through us.
We need to embrace the supernatural God in order to experience the supernatural power.
We need God in our lives, and not necessarily the gifts. We need to get back to the Lord`s heart and not just His hand.
We should seek the God of the miracles and not the miracles.

2. We need to seek God, to know Him, and not to just know about Him.

3. Expectation determines receptivity.
We should be expectant that God wants to use us. We need to see ourselves as a conduit that God is going to use. Revival starts with us.

4. What you do not expect, you can never recognize.
God can be moving and touching our neighbours, yet us missing it because we arent expectant. If you expect nothing, nothing happens. God is not visiting but is already here.

5. Jesus could not do many mighty works in His home town because they despised and naturalized Him. We should recognize Him as the Supernatural God.

6. The woman with the flow of blood raised her expectation and pushed through the crowd to get her healing.

7. In expectation, you cease to see just the vessels, but God behind them.


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